Legal Content Creator


Scope of Work

  1. Preparing text writing for legal articles based on Client’s marketing plan
  2. Preparing law firm news and updates based on data and information from the Client
  3. Preparing legal updates, i.e information on new regulation or other important issue that need to be informed to Client’s network
  4. Preparing image design for posting purposes
  5. Maximum 4 legal articles and images per month


Terms and conditions

  1. Minimum contract 6 months
  2. Fee should be paid every month maximum 5 calendar days after receiving our official Invoice
  3. Fee excluding applicable tax
  4. Invoice that has not been paid in maximum of 3 calendar days after its due, will automatically postponed the services.
  5. Draft of legal content including articles and images that we prepare should be confirmed in 3 working days after we sent it to client
  6. Maximum 2x revision of each draft of legal content
  7. Legal content can be post into Client’s website, social media orĀ  E-newsletter
  8. Confidentiality statement will provide after confirmation of using our services.


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