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Media and Newspaper


Scope of Work

  1. Help client post their law firm announcement to local or international newspaper, i.e: Kompas, The Jakarta Post, Media Indonesia, Bisnis Indonesia, Strait Times, and so forth
  2. Help client post their law firm announcement at television news, i.e: MNC, Berita Satu and RCTI
  3. Preparing proportional Layout text and images
  4. Re-writing or copywriter draft of announcement
  5. General shareholder meetings or business or company announcement will be post based on newspaper terms
  6. Minimum size posting applied


Terms and Conditions

  1. Post announcement fees based on newspaper fees. This will inform on our official Invoice
  2. Draft of announcement will need to be design to meet size of newspaper order
  3. Minimum size order applied based on the display announcement
  4. Display announcement location based on newspaper rules
  5. Text or Column newspaper announcement should be follow newspaper rules
  6. Final design approval minimum 3 working days before its publication date
  7. Urgent post announcement will affected service fee
  8. Order made based on our service fee
  9. There will be another fees from the newspaper and it will be informed on our official invoice
  10. Fees should be paid in full amount minimum 3 working days before publication date


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